PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

Live SEO solution is one of the great digital marketing companies which play a main role in support business reach success via several internet processes; while, pay per click is one among them. We are the creator of all kinds of managing ads services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and much more. Our expertise ideas make us continue to top of the state of the art software will provide great effects that no other pay per click campaign competition.

We work hard to increase the quality of the huge traffic over your professional business website. Our crew of professionals helps you achieve success within your business budget. We see to that, no many viewers, but the clients who are interested in your brand visit your professional website.

Taking more viewers to your professional website is a great system to increase proficient clients. Hence, we include in driving more numbers of the audience to your website. Our greatly talented experts have the skill of not just convert traffic to your website, but make the viewer’s stay at your business website. That means it holds the number of viewers on your website without letting them left.

Live SEO solution delivers a complete solution that offers modify pay per click account that specially designed for your brand which makes you popular in your business. Our experts also support the webmasters to know their viewers using Google tools. Through these tools, it becomes probable to know from where exactly the audience is driving from the number of page visits, time and date of the page visits, and other desirable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC in marketing?

Pay-per-click recognizes as an online advertising use to through traffic to the website, in which a holder pays money when advertising is the click.


What is SEO and PPC in marketing?

When it comes to increasing traffic to your site, you have 2 choices 1- PPC (pay-per-click) advertising 2- SEO (search engine optimization). You can pay for traffic using the pay per click advertising plans deliver by Adwords, Search Marketing, and others.


How we do PPC?

In a pay per click campaign, you pay Google though much you desire to have them list advertise for your site at the top and exact of the organic search items. When people click on to advertise, you pay the present Cost per Click from your money budget.


How much does pay per click?

The normal PPC in AdWords is between $1 and $2 on the online network. The normal pay per click on the social media service is under $1. The classy keywords in AdWords and Bing Advertise pay $50 or more each click.

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