Web Master Analytics Service

Web Master Analytics Service

Web analytic is service to be used to display whether or not a website’s pages are working accurately. With this info, our site administrators can control which areas of the website are famous and which zones of the website do not get viewers.

Web analytics delivers these website publishers and administrators with data that can be used to modernize a site to create better viewers knowledge.

Web Analytics brings the whole thing together. In any advertising effort, it is vital to determine measurable objectives and track the effects of your offline and online initiatives. Google Analytics is one of the most broadly used web analytics services. It will give you the following info.

Viewers Reports

  • The total number of viewers your website has. It also requires what the number of new viewers and returning viewers are.The time that your viewers spend on your website.
  • The volume of pages your viewers view.
  • The number of viewers who landed on your website and left direction.
  • Geographical location of your site viewers.
  • The sites which mentioned viewers to your website.

Website Traffic Reports

  • The total number of viewers visiting your website on every day, monthly and yearly basis. It also delivers your traffic data to previous years.

Details of Keywords

  • The keywords which drive traffic to your site.
  • The keywords which produce most marketing.
  • The keywords which keep your viewers on your website for longer periods.


  • The pages your viewers visit often.
  • The pages that bring you more traffic viewers.
  • The web pages your viewers most often leave your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geo-Social Targeting Research?

Social media advertising, you can target base on their city and nation. To boost their location aiming, now lets you aim viewers based on an exact address. In the Sites zone, you can complete a physical address or geographic setting and target viewers who are around that area.


What is a Geo-Social Targeting in a company?

Geo-Social Targeting (or Geo-social Marketing) is a process of marketing a business and its site complete web searches, mobile searches and social media. As you can notice, the geo-social marketing tools use are digital and over the Mobile or Internet devices.


Why Geo-targeting important for my business?

Geo-social targeting can aid you to make little but valuable changes in your campaigns, remove traffic that is of no use to you or modifies your brand info to suit certain exact markets.


What is a Geo-Social Targeting in advertising?

Geo-targeting or Geo-Social Targeting references to the practice of providing any content or advertisements to a site viewers base on his or her geographic site. Geo-social targeting can use to target local clients through PPC campaigns.

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