Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is an important part of your company’s marketing strategy. With this assessment, you can found what makes your service or product unique, and then what qualities you play up in order to reach your target market.

A fast and easy process to compare your brand with similar ones on the business market is to make competition records. Write the left side of a part of the paper; write the names of four or five brands that compete with your brand. To help you create this list, think of what your clients would purchase if they did not purchase your brand.

Competitive analysis is fully legal; it is simply collecting some bits of information available in the community domain, from economic filings to reports compiled by companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the competitive analysis?

Competitor analysis in marketing management is an assessment of the weaknesses and strengths of present and possible competitors. This analysis delivers both defensive and an offensive strategic context to recognize changes and threats.


Why do we need to do the competitive analysis?

For a business, the goal by investigating their competitors is to find out the weaknesses and strengths of their opposition so that the brand can make decisions about their marketing policies and fight with the threats from their competition and benefit any chances that are the offer to them.


Why do we do a competitive analysis?

Describe it in your business plan’s competitive analysis. This can do over an investigation of your opposition strengths and weaknesses. A competitor’s weaknesses and strengths base on the absence and presence of effects and skills wanted to compete in the market.


What is a competitive strength assessment?

A competitive analysis or competitive assessment is a business strategy tool that efforts to account for the presence of opponents and their influence on decisions.


What is the definition of competitive strategy?

Competitive Strategy defines as the long-term strategy of order to improve competitive benefit over its opponents in the industry. It’s aimed at making defensive position in business and making enough Return on Investment.


What is the competitive analysis in a business plan?

The Competitive Analysis is your business policy investigating your opponent. Both your present potential competitors who might enter your market.  Here is a method you can follow to analyze and define the weaknesses and strengths of your opposition.

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