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The concept of Infographic design in 2023 is to create visuals that are interactive, informative, and engaging. The visuals should be easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing. They should be able to communicate complex information in a clear and concise way.

The goal of the design should be to make the information easier to understand and more enjoyable for the viewer. Colors and layout should be used to create visual interest and to help guide viewers through the infographic. Animations, videos, and interactive elements should be used to add life and movement to the visuals.

Data visualization techniques such as icons, graphs, and charts should be used to help the viewer quickly and easily internalize the information. The visuals should also be responsive and optimized for multiple devices and platforms.

The main focus of the design should be to make the data more accessible and easier to understand. The visuals should be engaging and should draw the viewer in. Designers should be mindful that their visuals are not too cluttered or overwhelming, as this will detract from the overall message.

The designers should also take into account the current trends and advancements in technology. Augmented reality and virtual reality will become more commonplace in 2023 and should be taken into account when creating the visuals.

What are the 10 types of infographics?

1. Statistical Infographics
2. Geographical Infographics
3. Process Infographics
4. Timeline Infographics
5. Comparison Infographics
6. Hierarchical Infographics
7. List Infographics
8. Visual Resume Infographics
9. Instructional Infographics
10. Data Visualization Infographics

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