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How Google’s Pages Ranking Top Page?

Google's Speed Update Is Here, but Pages Already Rank High

Many webmasters are annoying too in their website’s speed on mobile if for no cause than to enhance user experience. If you are in this spot, you may develop of the game a full report from requires that load speed has been affecting Google rankings. However, your pages may want to load speedily than thought to see SEO advantage after this update.


Speedy Pages Always in the Top

The recent study, the Live SEO solution team analysis of thousands of search results, with pages in businesses such as e-commerce, funding, travel agency, health, and media. To define page load speeds, investigators use a speed connection to measure the time between the request send by their browser and the fact at which the browser end process the Document Object Model of the page they click. Even if you do not recognize these technical features, the crucial thing is that the developers use a reliable process for all page they verified.

It finds that page rank 1 to 5 in search engine results load speedily than those rank 6 to 15, even before the fast rolled out. Among pages rank 1 to 5, there also looks to be a through correlation between load and speed rank.

AMP Pages Common in Search Results

Although Google claims that the use of fast Mobile Pages is not a rank signal, the recent study finds that AMP pages are usual in SEO. AMP results look on the leading page for around 63% of the keyword verified. And it is no shock that a high % of media site use AMP, the examination shows that AMP application is on development in other areas as well.


Test and Re-Test Your Website

With the fast update rolling out and mobile speed indexing here, businesses cannot afford to avoid their page load periods on mobile. Google provides a mobile-friendly examine, which delivers advice for stages that can take to enhance loading times.

However, the solution may be to partner with a designer who can analyze the building and design of your website and work with you to developments that will enhance your site speed. Not just can a fast site help increase your Google rankings it also makes a better knowledge for your viewers leading and sales for your industry.

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