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How to Utilize Featured Snippet Chances on SEO?

How to Utilize Featured Snippet Key Process for Build More Traffic?

Ranking at top 1 position in the search engine results has always been one of the goals of reasonable SEO. Target has change present with Google’s developing use of the feature snippet on search engine result page. It is a block of copy show above the search engine page has got the new rank of a top, which is the target of search engine optimization. The snippet now looks on as many as a thirds of search pages, with the number increasing every day.

Keyword research

You begin with, your common keyword research. So you are also going to target questions. Our experts did this study about the keywords, where they discover that around 45% of every feature snippets come from queries, which makes logic.

So something to type of keep in mind there. But what is exciting about these keywords lists is that they tend to be a slightly easy to truncate. So if you recognize that Google is showing five search engine optimization results, maybe you go back to your page and you sure that you have 7. That process it to viewers in to click to see the complete list.

Evaluate your present ranking

You also need to evaluate your present ranking for these specific keywords. You need to list keywords base on one that you position on for page one. It tends to be much easy to take to steal one if you are also on the number one page.


Put records into a worksheet

From there, we are going to set all of this details and more details into a worksheet so that we can prioritize and analyze some of these changes. What is that domain authority and page authority? You need to create a note of those.  You maybe would not know this exact process, so this may stay blank. But once you begin seeing more of those same URLs, you may think it is one of those hubs.

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